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Wayne Carney RTO Consulting & Educational Support Services
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RTO and Training Provider Support

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  • Available now! RTO Quality Management
    Systems/RTO Health Checks

  • Available now! RTO Quality Management
    Systems/RTO Health Checks

  • Available now! RTO Quality Management
    Systems/RTO Health Checks


RTO Consulting

We are

  • RTO Advisory Consultants
  • Risk Assessors & Auditors
  • National Trainers and Assessors
  • Facilitators

Are you thinking about becoming a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

Are you thinking of setting up or purchasing an existing RTO?

Are you coming up for Audit or renewal of Registration ?

Have you looked at the requirements and the work involved in making this happen?

Are you aware of, or current with, the below changes and effects under VET Legislation - 2015 Changes?



Convert your current RTO Quality Management System to the new SNRs 2015

 Our VET Quality Management System (QMS) is customised and contextualised to your RTO. Referred to as the RTO "Policies and Procedures manual", our system delivers much more than just a large amount of text that nobody uses. We provide supporting templates, forms, pro-formas, weblinks and reference resources all hyperlinked to create a fully operational and VQF integrated QMS.

The entire package is customised for your RTO including your company name, version control and your logo and watermarks on each page. Each document is delivered in MS Word to provide every opportunity for continuous improvement and ongoing compliance. The system may be loaded onto any number of computers within your organisation.

The system is intended for clients currently operating as an RTO with vocational education and training experience.

Some features of this system include:

  • A unique and innovative approach to compliance documentation
  • Focus of a user friendly design
  • Candidate Handbook
  • Hyperlinks from the main document to:
    • SNR Standards. Referenced against the respective section in the main document
  • Supporting templates i.e. feedback forms, staff qualification matrix
  • Relevant VET sector publications
  • Weblinks and references to essential VET sector websites
  • A detailed index for quick reference
  • Colour coding for ease of application
  • Inclusion on our Consulting VET Sector Update database to receive updates and news

All of the above available for

  • New applicants Initial RTO set ups- Full Package/Self-directed
  • Existing RTOs to transition across to the QMS 2015 - Full Package/Self-directed

Contact us for further information and pricing arrangements.

Setting up your RTO

It is a difficult process and more so with the new regulator and VET legislative and ASQA requirements, however, with many years of experience, SOGA Education Support Services can help you make it happen.

SOGA Education Support Services can implement your policies and help you with procedures that align to the new regulator ASQA, AQF, AQTF and the NSSC requirements - regardless of what state you are in. We will show you the best way to deliver and assess training to ensure compliance.

SOGA Education Support Services have expert staff with graduate & post graduate qualifications complemented by extensive workplace experience in Adult Education and Learning and Development.

Our Consultants and Managers come from National RTOs with over twenty (20) years experience.

SOGA Education Support Services is an assistance and advisory service for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). We help organisations in either becoming an RTO or in maintaining their existing status as an RTO.


Click for infoIf you need any help at all with compliance, procedures or support, contact us.